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This is the restoration of the Royal Observer Corp (ROC) Brinscall ROC Post  is located in Brindle, near Chorley. This was the Master Post of a cluster of three posts, Atherton and Turton. The ROC sector was Preston 21 Group.


For more information on the ROC

and Nuclear Bunkers Lancashire see the Subterranea Britannica or on other underground Lancashire sites.


It was built in 1961 for the Secretary of State for Defence for the use of the Royal Observer Corps, They continued using the Post until stand down in September 1991.

In the last twenty seven years it's had users who did't look after the structure, It was used as a den by young adults and underage drinking was carried out as there were lots of cans and pop bottles left.

The last tenants had a go at demolition as the Ground Zero Indicator ventilation turret has been razed to ground level, while the communication turret has been roughly treated. Finally they set it on fire, the heat has melted the polystyrene tiles.

The Post is on private land, please contact the owner see contact tab.

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