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Heritage Week

Next weekend onwards, 12th to 20th Sept is Heritage week - it used to be called 'Open doors' when places of historical interest were opened to the public. We had intended to hold an event at the Post and let people in - but I'm afraid Covid 19 has put paid to that, along with everything else.

So, as a consolation prize, we intend posting here about the Brindle (Brinscall) post throughout the week. If you're already involved, much of this may be 'old hat' but it's really for the general public to get an idea of what these 'bunkers' were and what we're doing to restore this one.

Watch this space.


Cross-section of a manned Post.


View of room in 2004


Found on the rear of the WC door..


Unfortunately it was trashed and set on fire. The hatch cover was welded shut. On opening this was we saw!


The entrance shaft had been severely vandalised, the Ground Zero Indicator turret is missing.


Ground Zero Indicator turret has now been rebuilt.

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